PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science 6-8th grade Week of Sept. 19, 2016

Welcome back everyone! This year, we have for the very time in the history of BSI, an 8th grade as part of our science blog.

The 8th grade is following the New York State Living Environments curriculum and is designed to culminate in the class taking the Regents exam, thereby earning H.S. credit.

We are starting the year off with a discussion on how scientists believe that life evolved on Earth. We’ve traced the development of living organisms by using the fossil record and simulated the process of fossilization in the classroom. We’ve discussed some ideas that were accepted and then disproved; some that are highly controversial; and some that still need to be worked on.

The 7th grade is starting this year with a unit on Chemistry. They spent a lot of time practicing to accurately measure mass, volume and density using triple beam balances, graduated cylinders and other apparatus. Next up is the always popular Mystery Powder challenge, where they have to identify chemicals by their properties.

The 6th grade is studying Earth Science this year and we are starting with a unit on Meteorology. By demonstration & experimentation we have shown that the seasons are NOT caused by the fact that we are closer to the Sun in summer. In fact, we actually are farther away in July than in January. If you want to know the real answer why we have seasons, ask your 6th grader!

Until next week, this is Mr. Ron, signing off.