PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

BSI StemLab: See you Tuesday!

BSI and TAOTS families, your presence is valuable! How valuable? Potentially over $2 Million!

Calling all BSI and TAOTS families, friends and relatives (that means you!) to be a part of our PS/IS237 Campus Thank You Rally at the Capital Budget Press Announcement this Tuesday, Sept 27th at 10am at David Boody Jr High School in Brooklyn where Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will announce a $800K Capital Funds Award towards our StemLab.

We are looking for a minimum of 30 BSI and TAOTS parents, caregivers, grandparents and/or relatives to commit to joining us to thank Eric Adams in person for his generous $800k award.  We are getting closer than ever to making our campus rooftop StemLab a reality thanks to Eric Adams. We’ve already raised $1.65M to-date!

BSI and TAOTS attendance en masse at the Press Announcement is critical. Our presence will display our passion for this project as a community which is sure to yield more capital allocations.  And as the Press will be at this event, showing up as a large group will draw more attention to our StemLab funding.

Capital Budget Press Announcement
Tuesday, Sept 27th at 10am
228 Avenue S (between W. 4th and W. 5th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11223

So grab your neighbor, relative or friend and come be a part of something BIG.

Who’s in?

Please RSVP to our Thank You Rally so we can make sure we have a huge showing. RSVP to

The StemLab Committee