PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science – Week of Sept. 27, 2016

The Science Lab is involved in numerous activities this week. The 8th grade is finishing up their first unit of study, on Evolution, and is preparing for their first Regents practice exam on this topic. Following this, we will be discussing exactly what life is and how we know that something is alive.

The topic of the week for the 7th grade is ELEMENTS. They are beginning to see how the famous Periodic Table of Elements was developed by D. Mendeleev. We are also watching famous celebrities sing Tom Lehrer’s “Element Song” and learning how many elements got their names. Research projects are on the horizon! Stay tuned.

And finally, the 6th is studying the water cycle, in depth, and seeing how it is possible to create a cloud in the classroom. We will also measure the air pressure, relative humidity and dew point with our homemade barometers, hygrometers and other weather instruments. A very busy week for all.