PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Math Parent Workshops for K-3 Families

Rachel Michael and I are excited to be working together as a coaching team in Grades Kindergarten through 3!  We work with both teachers and students in classrooms to provide instructional support. It has been a pleasure to get to know our young mathematicians as we build communities that think, question, problem-solve, learn, and grow together.

As part of our role, we are hosting grade-specific workshops intended to keep families informed about math content, our philosophy, and our teaching practices. We warmly welcome you to attend these workshops! See the descriptions for each workshop below:

Grade K  Counting and Beyond


Thursday, November 3rd – Room 418


Children come to school with many ideas about numbers.  In kindergarten we build on these ideas as we explore counting strategies and develop relationships between numbers. At this workshop we will explore early number concepts that are essential to building a strong foundation for addition and subtraction. Try some hands-on activities and take games home to play with your child!

Led by Rachel Michael, K/1 Math Coach

Grade 1  Developing Addition Strategies


Thursday, November 17 – Room 418


In first grade, children are developing strategies for addition. At BSI, we encourage students to make sense of numbers and use flexible strategies. Come learn about how children develop mental computation skills by building a network of relationships between addition facts. Try some hands-on activities and take games home to play with your child!

Led by Rachel Michael, K/1 Math Coach

Grade 2 Addition and Subtraction Strategies: Thinking Flexibly


Wednesday, November 2nd- Room 418


In 2nd grade, we expect our students to have multiple strategies for addition and subtraction. So what are those strategies? In this workshop, we will explore the various addition and subtraction strategies that children use and their relationship to place value. Come learn about how the number line is a useful tool for addition/subtraction. We will also take a look at the Common Core expectations for addition and subtraction and discuss why flexible strategy use is so important!

Led by Marcy Mattera, 2/3 Math Coach


Grade 3 Multiplication and Division Strategies


Wednesday, November 16th- Room 418


In 3rd grade, multiplication and division are major focal points of the curriculum. You will be introduced to the Common Core expectations for multiplication and division. We will also look at strategies children use to approach multi-digit multiplication problems and discuss why flexible strategy use is so important!  You will learn to play games that will support your child at home.

Led by Marcy Mattera, 2/3 Math Coach

We hope to see you there!