PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Chess News from Vlad!


Dear Parents,

Our chess team started chess season strong last Saturday at CIS tournament at PS 503. We had 23 kids playing, some of them, for the first time outside the BSI and some in the process of transition to higher sections. Our main ‘chess force’ – 6 graders can’t play in Elementary sections any more and had to move to JH-HS group, which is not easy and quite challenging for them. Nevertheless our children have gotten medals and trophies:

Medals for individual results – Levi, Evan, Jake, Ryan, Arlo, Aiden(played first time and got 3 out of 4). Tyler scored 3,5 points out of 4 and got trophy in K-5 Rookie section. The competition in JH-HS was so high, that even though Ben got perfect 4 out 4 he was able to receive only medal:) . But the main battle that day was in K-5 Unrated section, where we were going toe to toe with host school PS 503. Thanks to good play of our youngest kids and especially Leo, who played his first official tournament and scored perfect 4 points out of 4 ( 2nd place individually) our team managed to get 1st place.

Thanks to the team: Freddy, Arthur, Ronen, Maggie, David, George, James, Nathan, Igor, Erick, Stephanie, Milo, Nicholas and Maksud.

Thanks to parents for being patient and supportive, it means a lot to our kids.

And on top of that we just had a good time overall….

Next Monday on Columbus Day no school and we’re going to PS11 in Manhattan. Tuesday is the last day to register. If you want to join us we’d be happy to see you there. Think of chess events as social things, not competitive, frankly I do not care about results at all, I just want our kids to have as many chess play dates as possible;)

All details on BSI chess team Facebook page