PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Mixed Sports 2016-2017

Dear Families,

Today is a very exciting day for our students as we have launched Mixed Sports for this academic school year. We began this program last year as a pilot in K through third-grade classrooms to add more fitness into students’ day in a fun and engaging way. This year we are expanding this program school-wide and all students will participate. (*** Kindergarten students will join during the second trimester as they need more time to get settled in and accustomed to their day to day activities).

Mixed Sports offers students a choice of fitness activities that happen in small groups of 10-16 students. These choices vary from trimester to trimester, but there is always at least four choices to choose from. Students fill out a survey and rank their choices which is how we form small groups.

During this trimester we will have:

  • Tennis (outdoors unless it rains)
  • Baseball (outdoors unless it rains)
  • Zumba / Dance (outdoors unless it rains)
  • Running (outdoors unless it rains)
  • Soccer (outdoors unless it rains)

Stay tuned for pictures and updates next week.

We would like to thank Celeste for her never ending involvement in this endeavor, and of course our parent body for their support and fundraising without which we would not be able to offer Mixed Sports to our students.

Last but not least, please remember to send students to school in sneakers and comfortable clothes on Thursdays which is when Mixed Sports will take place for the entire school.

Mrs. Anna