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High School Application Process Prohibited Practices

Hi everyone,

I share  with you an excerpt from a DOE memo to HS principals that outlines a few practices that are prohibited in the HS application process in NYCDOE:

Prohibited Admissions Practices

Engaging and supporting families means following the guidelines and regulations for High School admissions. In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-101 and these school opening enrollment policies, only OSE may register students at the high school level.

Principals are also reminded of the following prohibited admissions practices:

Schools should not require students or their families to bring in or submit academic information outside of what is provided through the Student Enrollment Management System (SEMS). This includes:
* Current year progress report or report card
o 6th grade test scores and/or grades for 8th grade applicants, or 7th
grade test scores and/or grades for9th grade applicants
* Attendance report
* Student resume

Requiring teacher, school counselor, or other school staff recommendations

Requests that are evaluative of a person who is not the student applicant:
* Parent/family interview
* Parent meeting
* Parent application
* Parent income – with the exception of diversity pilots

Requests that confer priority based on status or office:

* Priority to families who have prior PTA involvement
* Priority to children of employees at a particular employer or industry
* Priority to relatives of past alumni

Requests that require students or families to participate at multiple events to show demonstrated interest”

If you find yourself in a situation where you are being asked for any of the prohibited documentation, let me know.  I can help.
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