PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Chess Update October

Dear All,

Finally we’re going to have a little break from chess until next month🙂 We had many events past week. First of all Columbus Day CIS chess tournament, which got a lot of attention with TV coverage and where BSI chess team have taken 2nd place in JH-HS novice section. Yesterday at Riverbank tournament our team got 2nd place in 4 different sections, two first places, Katya and Leo individually…. wanted to continue here,how it was a first tournament for Ansel and Rachel, how first grader David played for an hour, how Ronen came back after bitter tournament on Columbus to fourth place at River bank in strongest Open section…, but the list will go on and on , i understand how important it is for parents to see the names of their kids and have that feel of proud🙂 But email will be too long and the thing is, if two years ago everybody were asking – who are these kids and what BSI means…? Now we’re famous in NY chess community.

And how many new faces i’ve seen at Harvest festival, some of them are very strong chess players who is ready to play in tournaments right now. I even lost one game, when played simultaneously 5 kids and many of you saw that we never had an empty seat😉

Many parents are asking me how do we join a chess team or program. Hopefully we will start a chess club at school soon ( i’m waiting for details and schedule ). If you could play your child yourself it would be amazing. We’re also working on a worksheet program to introduce chess in a fun way. To join a team is super easy, just come to one of the tournaments with us.

My huge thank you to our children and super duper cool parents who makes those events so memorable for our kids. Please don’t be shy to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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