PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Hockey Time!


Hope that you are all doing well as we head into the holiday season. Many of the younger grades, are still having a ton of fun exploring and improving our spatial awareness. Our 1st and 2nd grade students have learned different versions of tag games that call for much cooperation, activity and communication. It is my hope that as our spatial awareness and motor skills become stronger, we will be able to move on to sport units quickly.

Our upper elementary and middle school students have started a “Round Robin” FLOORBALL tournament. All of our classes have had great tournaments so far, with many games coming down to “sudden death” overtime periods. With the music blasting and students engaged, the energy in the gym has been electric. Many of our students have shown great teamwork and competitive spirits that have made each game of the tournament a must see event. There have been several plays that were worthy of “SportsCenter” Top 10. As we head into next week and toward Thanksgiving break, we will be holding our playoff rounds and determine a class champion.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the BSI students so far and I love seeing them enjoying their PE classes so much. Looking forward to making memories!

Signing off,

Coach Shea