PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Announcements State of the Union: Election Fallout

Dear ones,

On Wednesday, principals received a lovely note from the chancellor extolling the virtues of calmness and confidence in the wake of what has been a difficult national election. I write this evening hoping that each of you will speak with your children and remind them of the following:

Our school is just like our democratic country, a place where the rights of each of our citizens is protected. All of us at BSI are 100% committed to making school a safe place, for adults and children alike. There will be zero tolerance for any unkindness. Period.

At BSI, we teach that we express ourselves through healthy, thoughtful discussion for the sake of understanding and being understood. We will continue to work with our students to give them the tools they need here.

Now, more than ever, children must understand that silence is dangerous. We must speak up if something is wrong, and adults can help us.

Children need to learn to be responsible members of a civic society, and here they need every single one of us to illuminate the path. Let’s all join together to be part of the solution; our children are counting on us.