PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Review for the 6th Grade Spanish test Nov 18th

Hello 6th graders & families!

As we approach the end of our first marking period, we have reviewed a lot of content we learned last year and also learned new things!

We will have a test on Nov. 18th. More details on School Loop.

In the parenthesis below, you will find the page number for the chapter review (Repaso del capítulo) in our Spanish textbook where the content can be found.

We learned and practiced…

Greetings and farewells (Pg. 22-23)
Introducing ourselves and asking someone’s name (Pg. 22-23)
Asking abut and providing information: phone numbers, spelling out our name, talking about things we like and don’t like to do, describing our personality traits, telling time, stating at what time of the day we have specific activities, describing the weather, date, day of the week and month of the year (Pg. 22-23; 52-53; 82-83)
Talking about things found in schools, including schedules, classes, school supplies and people (Pg. 22-23; 52-53; 82-83, 114; 144)
We will continue to develop our understanding of Spanish by

Conjugating regular, infinitive verbs (ending in -ar, -er, -ir) to match all subject pronouns
Nouns, assigned their gender along with definite and indefinite articles
Students are expected to “practice” Spanish every day, even if for only 10 minutes, especially on days they don’t have Spanish homework. There are several ways to practice:

-review class notes

-use the textbook and try out the activities

-learn and remember every term found in the textbook’s chapter review (Repaso del capítulo – page numbers listed above)

-create and study flashcards with vocabulary

-log into your Quizlet account to do study activities and games

-go on the web to search for videos on specific topics (;, etc.)

-work with a friend and simulate the conversational activities we have in class

Remember, you will get out of Spanish as much as you put in…