PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Factor Noticings and Volume

Hello All,
Exciting noticings have been discovered in the fourth grade math room. We have been continuing to look at numbers and their factors. In doing so, we have begun to develop a number of ideas in number theory. We’ve explored the usual fourth grade concepts of prime, composite, and square numbers, but we’ve also studied relationships between numbers and their factors.

Students realized that if a number is a factor of another number, then all of its factors will be factors of the greater numbers. For example, if I know the factors of 14 are 1,2,7, and 14, I also know that all of those numbers will be factors of 28, since 14 is a factor of 28. They also realized that if you double a number, then you can double its factors to get many factors of the larger number. Therefore, if I double each factor of 14, the results will be factors of 28.

Next week, we will be having a test on factors and relationships. Information is posted on School Loop.

In fifth grade, we began studying volume. Students explored filling box designs with cubes to see how many cubes would fit. This led to the development of the volume formula of length x width x height or the area of the base x height. Building and filling the boxes helped them construct the concept without just being given a formula. Below are some pictures of them working with the box designs.

As the unit progresses, we will explore what happens when we change dimensions and how we can find the volume of composite figures.
Enjoy the rest of your week!