PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1 Week of 11/21/16

Classifying Attributes Investigation + Math Games + Problem Solving + Reasoning Routines

Some of our goals include:

  • Reasoning with shapes and their attributes 
  • Categorizing + organizing our thinking, as well as figuring out a strategy to help us
  • Distinguishing between defining attributes
     This week we will play What piece is missing? and What’s my rule? – two games that really focus on organization, strategy, and reasoning. 
     In addition to the current classifying attributes investigation, students are playing ‘number sense’ math games. These games help to build: 
  • number sense (for math fluency)
  • build reasoning skills
  • the ability to articulate and explain my thinking
  • the ability to make connections (by noticing relationships in the number system)

We continue to work on big mathematical ideas such as: Equivalence, Compensation, Part-Whole Relationships, Associative and Commutative Properties. These concepts will develop over the entire year.

    Several times a week we continue to work on our REASONING MATH ROUTINES, and through our PROBLEM SOLVING INVESTIGATION students are learning about what problem solvers do when solving/trying to make sense of math word problems. Here are some of the highlights/take aways from the problem solving investigations…
Social Studies:
Family Diversity
  • What is a family? 
  • Why are families important?
  • How are families the same and different? 
  • How do families pass on language, values, knowledge, customs and traditions?
This week students wrote and illustrated what they liked to do with their families. We talked about what we like to do with our moms/dad/brothers/sisters and it’s becoming clear that our families can be both similar and different!