PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 7 Math Week of 11/21/16

This week we are continuing our investigation of linear relationships. This topic is an 8th grade standard. Students have been learning about proportional relationships for many years now. But the question we are studying this unit is, “What if there is another pattern occurring in a relationship?”
We started by solving a real life problem posed by the Dominos (pizza) website. The website only told you the final cost of a pizza after you already selected the number of toppings. Students figured out how to find the price of a medium pizza with no toppings and the price per topping.

We then completed an investigation called “The Jogging Hare”. Here we were told that the Hare started his jog an unknown distance from his burrow. We know that after 35 seconds he passed a rock that was 220 feet from his burrow. And after 2 and a half minutes, he passed a tree that was 680 feet away. Based only on this information we figured out where he started and how fast he was going.
We will continue to look at situations like these for the rest of this unit. There will also be a unit project that students will work on at the end of this unit.