PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Site Subscriptions

Dear Parents,

We have been working to improve communications with you in ways that are efficient for our staff and tailored to your preferences.

Tonight we will activate a new system for managing email that will allow each parent to customize their subscriptions to updates posted by our staff.

We hope this system reduces the amount of emails in your inbox and improves our communication as a community!

The emails you have provided us on this year’s dismissal form have been automatically subscribed to our website.  Each day at 5pm, subscribers will receive digest emails from the various sections of our website if new content has been added.  All parents have been subscribed to the Announcements category (main office) as well as Classroom Posts pertaining to their children.

Managing and Customizing your Subscriptions

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.33.36 AM.png

You will be able to manage your subscriptions from the footer of any email you receive from this system.  You can do so by clicking the “update your preferences” link in the footer of any email you receive through this system and “unsubscribe” if you choose not to receive updates. ***If you’d like to add an additional email address not in the system, you can sign up and subscribe to updates using the new “Manage Email Subscription” link on our website.


Questions or Issues?

Please email me at