PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 4 Math, Division and Beyond Week of 12/5/16

Hello All,

Things have been heating up in the math room even though the temperatures have been dropping outside!
In fourth grade, we have begun working on division.  Students are looking at how multiplication and division are related.  We have been exploring how multiplication arrays and division array look exactly the same.  The only difference is the location of the unknown.  This is because they are inverse operations.  See below for an example:
In the first example, we know the dimensions and we need to find the total area.
In the second example, we know the total area and one dimension, but we need to find the missing dimension.
We have also been looking at relationships between the dividend, divisor, and quotient in different problems.  An important discovery the students had was that when the dividend and divisor both either multiply or divide by 2, the quotient will remain the same.  For example, we found that the follow expressions were equivalent:
48 ÷ 8
24 ÷ 4
12 ÷ 2
÷ 1
÷ 1/2
Enjoy the rest of your week!