PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

K002 – Week of 12/12/16

Hello K002 Families!


  • Winter Celebration: Wednesday, December 21st at 1:30pm – students and families
  • Winter Break: December 26 – January 2 (school resumes Tuesday, January 3rd)
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K002 students have been hard at work!

This week in math we have begun a new unit studying geometry.  To begin the unit students are noticing shapes in their everyday lives.  We went on a “shape hunt” in the classroom; looking for, drawing and labeling things of different shapes.  Later we hunted for different shapes in magazines. We cut them out and made a collage of each shape we found.  


We also created shape pictures.  Kindergarteners glued down one shape and drew with crayon to make the shape into something from the world.IMG_9274.JPG

Word study is a time where we focus on letters and words and learn skills to help spell words correctly.  One way we do this is by building words.  You can also do this at home. You will need the following letters, either magnetic or written on small pieces of paper and cut apart: m, g, d, p, h, t, i, o.

Review each letter, making sure your child knows the sound. Starting at the top of the list below say a word and have your child make the word with the letters.  Then say the next word.  One letter will change.  Listen with your child to see if it is the beginning letter, the middle letter or the ending letter that needs to change.  Have your child change the letter to make the new word.  Continue down the list, changing one letter at a time.

mop – top – tip – hip – hit – hot – pot – dot – dog – dig – pig 


Choice time happens everyday for approximately 40 minutes. It is a time when students have a chance to choose an activity they would like to participate in from a wide range of centers. The activities can change throughout the year to support what we are studying and the interests of students. Choice time benefits children’s social skills, language, empathy, imagination, problem solving, self control and motivation to learn.

Click here for some pictures from our choice time!