PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science Gr 6,7, 8 Week of 12/12/16

This week the 6th grade is going back into astro-history to hear about the great argument between the geocentrists, who held that the Earth is in the center of everything and the heliocentrists, who believed that the Earth is just another planet. Galileo, with his telescope, advocated for the heliocentrists and, eventually, won the day. Next stop- the Solar System!

The 7th grade will be presenting the results of their experiments to the parent body this week. We have a grand assortment of amazing experiments – from the formation of water, to exploding soap bubbles  to the 5 color cabbage soup demo.

The 8th grade is focusing on the circulatory system. This week’s labs include measuring one’s pulse rate and analyzing blood transfusions to see which will work and which won’t.