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BSI Newsletter Week of 12/12/16

BSI Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,

We’ve launched cycle two of Mixed Sports. The offerings for this round are:

  • Basketball
  • Tai Chi
  • Hip Hop
  • Zumba
  • Yoga

Students were surveyed on their preferences prior to the launch. 92% of our students were placed in their 1st choice sport and nobody was placed in anything lower than their 2nd choice. We are making minor tweaks to the Tai Chi class and added an extra section of yoga to 8th grade. Please enjoy a short picture slideshow from cycle 1 of Mixed Sports: clcik here

The art room is in need of oversized (broadsheet) newspapers like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal to be used as table covers. Please drop off in the main office if you would like to contribute. Students can also give it directly to Ms. Nanna in the art studio.

To continue with our FAQs below are two questions that will be added to the archive.  

  • Will my child/ren have textbooks? Students will have a textbook in Spanish (Gr4-Gr8) and supplementary materials in Science that will be posted on school loop.
  • What is Math Olympiads? Math Olympiad is an international contest.  There is an elementary and middle school division.  The contests are given 5 times throughout the year and each has 5 questions.  They are questions that involve a different kind of thinking.  There is a lot of logic involved, looking for patterns, and question where you really have to read carefully to make sense of them.  For more information reach out to your math teacher.
    • Who Participates in Math Olympiad? 4th graders are doing practice problems and will be competing officially when they get to fifth grade. 5th graders are all officially participating in the contest. There’s no sign up process for fifth grade.  All students are part of it. 6th, 7th & 8th graders were all invited to participate and given applications in October. Close to sixty students submitted an application and all of them are on the team. The Olympiad Team meets twice a month during lunch and also has an online google classroom led by Ms. Melissa and Mr. Brian.

Bus route K2035. We spoke to the company (Jofaz Transportation Inc.) last week and yesterday (Monday) in regards to this route and were informed that the regular driver has been “hospitalized” since last week. There have been multiple drivers covering the route. If you are having any  issues with that bus route you can file a complaint with OPT by calling 718 784 3313.

Library Volunteers Needed. We are looking for volunteers to help with the library. If you are available please fill out this form and Yulianna will reach out to you to make arrangements.  Click Here

Last but not least, there is a growing number of students that are absent due to family vacations. Please check the school calendar carefully so that vacations and non-emergency plans can be arranged for when school is not in session. Taking your child out of school is strongly discouraged as it is academically and socially disruptive to students’ learning.

Middle School News

Debate Team Update (Gr7 & Gr8)

On Saturday, November 19th, the American Debate League hosted the American Debate League Fall Classic Debate Tournament. The tournament was held at M.S. 172 Irwin Altman located in Floral Park. The tournament hosted schools from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island.

Even though they were the only school from their borough, Brooklyn School of Inquiry dominated at American Debate League’s Fall classic tournament.

  • In the novice middle school division, Brooklyn School of Inquirywon both 3rd and 8th place team awards. (out of over 30 teams)
  • In the speakers awards, Brooklyn School of Inquiry won 4th place speaker. There were over 80 speakers in the novice middle school division.

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