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Grade 8 Humanities: Week of 12/19/16 Process, Product, and Trumpardy!



Dear Families,

While at work on our culminating projects for Their Eyes Were Watching God, we have devoted a significant amount of time to thinking about and discussing how we work as well as what we are working on. Some of the items that arose in our discussions included considering the content and form of our projects and the ideas and skills we were practicing that could be applied to other areas of our lives or in the future.

We had a little fun creating similes to describe our thesis projects and to further push our thoughts about what we were doing and what we were producing. A big idea which seemed to come up a lot is when we have choice and control on a project was: should we pick a topic or genre which is challenging and difficult? Or should we practice skills and talents that we have already mastered in order to really showcase our best work? Many of us are managing to do both.

Lastly, we didn’t want to forget current events (really, how could we?), so we played a quick game of Trumpardy! ™ (please note the trademark — I wouldn’t want to have to start litigation against anyone!). Some questions/answers included: While being considered for a cabinet post, he was photographed at a candle-lit dinner with Donald Trump (Who is Mitt Romney?), the retirement benefit that was being discussed when Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” (What is Social Security?), and this is how Donald Trump described his 2005 audio tapes (What is locker room talk?). The Final Trumpardy™ category was: Build That Wall.




Ms. Sacilotto


Some similes to describe current thesis projects . . .



Using personification to explore a thesis topic . . .



A thesis idea taking shape in charcoal . . .



Exploring how dialogue impacts characterization . . .



Using Clip Studio Paint . . .



Clay . . .



Tech support for coding . . .



Choosing your own adventure through creatively imagined alternate paths in Their Eyes Were Watching God . . .





Essays and art . . .


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