PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101, Vocabulary Update

Hello everyone!

Here is the current list of the words that are on our word wall. Some of the words are from our math vocabulary words/classroom words. Most of these words are there because I’ve noticed MANY students mis-spelling them in their writing, and they are using these words frequently. Students know to look to the word wall (or class charts) for help, and they can begin to “memorize” and check their writing for the correct spelling of the following words.

**MANY more words are coming; we will add a few each week in order to keep it manageable. The words come directly from their writing/needs and from our units of study.**

  • after
  • another
  • again
  • because
  • brother
  • board
  • bottom
  • corner
  • calendar
  • closet
  • chair
  • diagonal
  • horizontal
  • here
  • her
  • him
  • his
  • how
  • know
  • left
  • me
  • my
  • mine
  • please
  • right
  • some
  • someone
  • something
  • somewhere
  • top
  • this
  • then
  • than
  • that
  • the
  • there
  • think
  • vertical
  • want
  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why

Here is our current “sophisticated” word wall. Again, these words come from the students, read alouds, and class discussions. I will update you when necessary! Students are encouraged to take chances with their vocabulary and then we can add their words to the wall!!

  • stamina
  • similar
  • recently
  • pivot
  • goliath
  • bicker
  • observation
  • synonyms
    • Nice: kind, polite, friendly
    • Good: exciting, great, awesome, amazing
    • Bad: horrible, unkind, terrible, unfriendly

I am really hoping that over the next few months students will begin to take ownership of the word wall and class charts, and begin to think more carefully about the words they choose as writers/speakers.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mrs. Cintula