PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101, Student Reviews!

Hello Families!

Here are a few pictures of our student critics. Yesterday, and today, as part of our unit on opinion writing, students were reviewing their favorite movies, restaurants, toys and books. Students are working on thinking about the audience for their review (younger children, classmates, parents, adults) and they are trying to include the following key items into their reviews:

  • lots of information about their topic (characters, plot, type of food served at the restaurant, details about the toy being reviewed, etc.)
  • summary (for books, TV shows and movies)
  • favorite part/character
  • pictures
  • opinions

Ask your child what he/she reviewed – or will review – this week!


Wednesday 1/4: Our first round of proud critics!


Thursday 1/5: So many voices are ready to be heard!