PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 3 ELA Week of 1/9/17

Word Study

This week third graders have begun a new routine for spelling.  Students will be given a differentiated spelling pre-test every Monday.  Words that they spell wrong will need to be studied during the week using “Look, Say, Spell, Cover, Write, Check.”  This work needs to be done in the word study notebook every night.  On Friday, they will be given the test again.  They should know all of the words they studied that week by heart at that time.

These are the directions in their word study notebook:

Look at the word.  Underline any tricky parts.  See if you can think of ways to remember how to spell them.  


Say the word three times.


Spell the word many times, many ways.  You can: clap it, snap it, tap it, whisper it, dance it, sign it.  The last time, close your eyes and write the word on a chalkboard in your brain. If there is an underlined tricky part, emphasize it as you spell.


Cover the word.


Write the word. Don’t forget to include capitals, if needed!


Check the word.  Uncover the word, look at one or two letters at a time and say, do I have the A? Yes. (Put a dot under the A.) Do I have the r-c? Yes. (Put a dot under the r and the c.) If you didn’t spell it right, do all of the steps again!

More Word Study

I’m sending home a homophone review sheet tonight.  It is due on Wednesday.   (PS  I forgot to send it home with 302!  You’ll get it tomorrow.)


The poetry share is on Friday this week.  The poems are “Love That Boy” by Walter Dean Myers or “Silence” by Eve Merriam.

Your child should be writing two entries per week.  On different days.  I need to see four entries when I check the notebook every other week.  Make it happen!  Please see last week’s blog for entry ideas.