PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 6 Humanities Week of January 23

In 6th grade, we have been learning how to write claims for the essays that are part of our Early Humans project. Our goal when creating our claims is to explain the importance of our topics in the Stone Age and how our topics impacted future civilizations. Below are a few examples of claims we have written:

Throughout time humans have always used the environment for shelter, but now the way humans use the environment has grown more complex.

When brains started evolving,  our brains expanded and developed certain capabilities. There were a lot of factors that changed our brains. We encountered new challenges and our brains evolved to solve problems.

While the need to adapt to the changing environment was one of the things that caused the dramatic evolutionary increase in brain size, the consequent effects of this were the discovery of fire, stone tools, and the beginning of civilization.

Stone tools affected all civilizations because some simple tools such as hammerstones, led to hammers that we use today.

Over millions of years, the brains of Early Humans became larger, enabling us to become smarter and more creative. This was a key to our survival.

This week we also explored how to integrate sources within an essay. Strategies include paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing, quoting, and using qualifying phrases such as “According to…” and “As stated in…”

In addition, we worked on creating bibliographies that follow the MLA format. The citation machine website is a resource for compiling our sources.  Click below to take a look:

Projects are due this coming Monday, January 30. (posted on school loop)