PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 6 Math Week of 1/23/17

This week in math, we finished our elevation drawings and site plans.  Now, we are starting to build models of the skyscrapers that we designed!

The sequence of the pictures shows our process.


First, students drew elevation drawings to the scale of 1 inch to 20 feet.  They made adjustments to their buildings based on their clay models from last week. Their drawings included dimension lines, labels for orientation, and multiple views. Before proceeding to the next step, students submitted their plans to the inspectors for approval.


Next, students used their accurate site plans to measure the dowels needed to build their models.

img_5757           img_5758

Students made precise markings on the dowels before using a saw to cut.

img_5759           img_5760

Partners used a clamp and jig made from a wooden block to stabilize the dowel before taking turns using the saw.

Stay tuned.  Our models are coming together next week!

Save the date for our share: February 15th, 2017