PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101, Class News!


Our reading and writing units are directly related. We are reading, writing, noticing, exploring and LOVING nonfiction!!

Students are specifically noticing the structure of nonfiction texts and thinking about which style they would want to imitate in their own writing pieces. (question/answer, table of contents/heading/subheading, all about, how to, narrative nonfiction) Students will eventually choose a mentor text, or author, and use that to help them structure their pieces.

Right now, the children are brainstorming their personal topics of interest and wonderings. What questions do they have about the world around them? What do they want to know more about? There are no “silly” options right now! We want all of their ideas recorded, so that the students can pick a topic that is truly meaningful to them. Sometimes, it’s the last idea that they have that is the best!

These topics and wonderings will lead us into the research portion of the units. In the next few weeks, we might need help at home securing books or age appropriate research materials from reliable websites/magazines, etc. (Stay tuned for suggestions!)

Word Work/Vocabulary:

New words that are on the word wall so far this week…

  • mother
  • father
  • school

Sophisticated words…

  • structure
  • digital
  • citizen
  • design

Word endings…

  • -ed
  • -ing

Social Studies:

Our trip to the Center for Architecture was so much fun! Students learned some new architecture vocabulary: lintel, sill, arch, ornament, quoin, column. See which words they remember and which concepts they can include in their own original designs!

Next week’s trip (Monday, 2/6) to the Museum of the City of NY should be equally fascinating! I am eager to learn about urban planning and design. I am still waiting on a few permission slips/money, so please send those in as soon as possible. Our chaperones will be the parents of the following students: Ava, Tristan, Ariana and Lauren. Please meet us in the lobby at 9:15. Don’t forget your lunch!


Today, students had their first Exposure session. They were introduced to the 7 P’s of the digital world (professionalism, password, protection, personal brand, personal information, privacy and permission) and learned about what it means to be a GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN.

Students explored the school iPads, the app “Show Me” and they had an AWESOME time!!!

Have a wonderful week!