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Grade 1, Sight Words

Hello First Grade Families,

We have attached the list of Dolch sight words in this post. Included in the attachment are the pre-kindergarten to grade 2 word lists. Many parents have expressed an interest in helping with vocabulary/spelling/reading at home, and these word lists serve as a great starting point.

Each grade has their own appropriate/suggested sight word list. Sight words are the words that need to be read quickly, without decoding strategies or “sounding them out.” Knowing them “on sight” improves a student’s accuracy/fluency. These are also the words that appear frequently in grade appropriate texts.

If you wish for a further extension, these words would also be great words for students to add to their “writing repertoire” – meaning, they can spell them accurately as well.

We will have hard copies available tomorrow afternoon and evening. We are looking forward to speaking with you at Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Dolch Sight Words, PreK – 2

The First Grade Team, Siobhan & Sevgi