PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Fifth-Graders Raise $703 During PTC Bake Sale!

Let’s hear it for the group of fifth-graders who worked tirelessly at the PTC bake sale on March 9, 2017 and raised $703. They have chosen to donate $500 of the proceeds to the STEM Lab (yay, STEM Lab!) and the remaining $203 to help save the endangered turaco bird, which many of them have taken an interest in since completing their bird inquiry projects.

Special thanks go out to all the parents who donated fabulous homemade baked goods and some of whom donated their time helping students at the sale table, especially Christina Rouner and Victoria Belov, who spent hours with the kids. Also, thank you to paraprofessional Ayanna Diaz-Forde for overseeing the early hours of the sale and teaching the kids some valuable lessons in customer service.

Thank you everyone.

With appreciation,

Ms. Seitz