PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Parent Workshop with Ms. Marcy

It was great to see so many families at the Grade 3 parent workshop this morning! We explored fractions in the same ways that students explore fractions, by investigating mathematics through rich contexts. Through this exploration, parents discovered the power of using a rich story, the need to model and communicate our thinking and the importance of landmarks!

These workshops are meant to expose parents to the same types of structures we use in teaching mathematics. We explore and investigate, share our thinking with peers and to the larger group, and work to reason with number relationships.  We also looked at the ways that fraction knowledge will be assessed on the grade 3 state exam, and the complexity of different problem types. If you were unable to join me, here is a link to the presentation:

Grade 3 Fractions Workshop

Multiplication Facts- Fact Fluency

During our question and answer session, questions arose about fluency with the multiplication facts. During the workshop, it was clear that fluency with the multiplication facts is a building block for both division and fractions.  At this point in the year, children should be working toward mastery of the basic facts.  I am including some online games that students can play to continue to develop fact fluency at home.  I recommend having your child spend 10-15 a few times a week practicing his/her facts.

Multiplication Fact Fluency Websites