PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

En Español

Fifth, sixth,  seventh and eighth graders are learning foods and beverages. Students are using their prior knowledge of expressing likes and dislikes (me gusta, no me gusta) with our new content – foods and beverages. Our communicative goals are for students to be able to order food in a restaurant and ultimately talk about and describe food.

In addition, seventh and eighth graders will review present-tense forms of -ir and be introduced to the preterite of stem-changing verbs like pedir and dormir (pedir -> pedí); using double object pronouns (Le escribí la carta) and comparisons of equality/inequality (La hamburguesa es más grande que el perro caliente). Our progress will be guided by the use of can do statementsranging from I can answer a few simple questions, I can talk about my likes/dislikes to I can order a meal.

All the while, students must continue to use and practice numbers, days of the week and months of the year. Please encourage your child to practice the various study set activities on and create flashcards for all vocabulary words/expressions. Remember to login to your Quizlet account, otherwise, I cannot see your progress. I suggest doing the activities them in this order: Flashcards, Spell, Learn, Match, Test, & Gravity.