PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 3 ELA Week of 3/27/17


Dear Third Grade Families,

The state ELA test is this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  On Friday, I did a little informal poll during morning meeting with 302, which asked them to put a tally mark under how they felt about the test.  Only five tally marks were under “scared.”  Most of the tally marks were under “Ready!” or “Excited.”  Most of the prep we do for the tests here at BSI is embedded in our daily work throughout the year.  We have done a little bit of an essay-writing boot camp this past week.  Students worked diligently to write some essays with scaffolding by me.  I was impressed with their work ethic and their ability.

The best thing we can do for them now is give them a healthy protein-rich breakfast each morning and get them to bed early on the mornings of the test next week.  Show them that you feel confident in their abilities and set them free.

A few reminders about life at BSI:

BSI is a no toy school.  Some students have been bringing toys to play with in the morning or on the bus.  These have been distracting them from lining up in the morning, so I want to remind you and your kids that toys brought to school will be given to the parent coordinator.

On that note, I use blue sticky putty called Fun Tak to stick things to my walls.  Please do not allow your child to bring any sort of putty to school (unless I specifically suggested it to you as a fidget.)  Especially not Fun Tak, because then they seem guilty of taking it off of my walls.

BSI is also a no candy school.  We have been finding gum under the desks.  Please remind your child to leave gum and other candy at home.

Because of the tests this week, I am not assigning a poem for recitation.  I am also not giving out new spelling words this week.  Guess what?  You don’t even have to do writing entries.  The homework this week is to relax at home with your family.

Happy Spring!


Ms. Mallery