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Promoting Healthy Foods – Grade 5 Science

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As part of their Food and Nutrition Unit, Grade 5 students were asked to create either a commercial (video), radio ad (audio), or poster (visual) to advertise and promote a healthy food to inspire other people to make good choices. For this assignment they had to choose from nine advertising techniques:

Bandwagon Effect – Used to persuade potential consumers by telling them that many other people are happy or successful by doing the same thing.

Celebrity Endorsement – Using a famous personality to sell a product.

Everyday Folks – Suggesting that a product is practical and a good value for ordinary people.

Wit and Humor – Attracting consumer to a product by entertaining them or making them laugh.

Glittering Generalities – Using appealing words and images to sell a product. If you buy the item, it will change your life.

It Worked for Me – Using testimonials as proof that the product is great.

No-Risk Free Trial – Offering free trials to entice consumers to try a new product.

Be the First – Uses the idea that using a certain product puts the user ahead of the game.

Repetition – To repeat a product’s name at least four times in the advertisement.