PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1 Nonfiction Writing Rubric and Checklist

During spring vacation, we expect our students to play outside, travel with their family, celebrate holidays, engage in fun and meaningful learning experiences, BUT we also expect them to still maintain a reading, writing and math life. Literacy skills (language acquisition, expansion of vocabulary, writing stamina, generation of ideas, storytelling, number talks, reasoning skills, logic are essential to the development of your child’s academic life. Let’s also consider your child’s social-emotional and personal development. Simply listening, eliciting open ended questions and talking with your child will benefit his/her level of critical thinking along with reading to/with them, having book talks, going on noticing walks, playing board games, cooking, museum trips and spending TIME together…reading, talking, writing, playing, laughing. researching (watch what your child can do without your help) Also, I encourage families to help create a PEACE center at home or role-play I-messages or encourage children to talk about their FEELINGS and WHY. We want to set children up to be problem solvers, to be able to talk about their feelings and manage them by identifying what they’re feeling and why. We will be sharing a first grade menu of spring vacation ideas by Friday. We don’t want to control or tell kids what to do/not to do, but rather we want to give them choice and hold them accountable to manage their time and their own learning (by continuing to maintain a literacy rich – reading, writing, math, technology, science etc. life outside of school.) We sent home Scholastic flyers again, feel free to browse – there are great 2nd grade books as well as series and chapter books!

Here is a copy of the Nonfiction Checklist and Rubric students have been using in class to guide their writing. In addition, to using this tool to self-monitor, they are also using it to self-assess. Feel free to encourage your child to research and make a nonfiction book about a topic of interest over the spring break. Help your child to gather information and research. If your child creates a NF book over the break, he/she can bring it back to school to share after spring break. Happy writing!

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