PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

K001 – What is Kindness?

School-wide Initiative on Kindness

Read Aloud – Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig – In class, we have continued to discuss what kindness looks like, sounds like and feels like in school. We re-read the book, Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig.  This a great book to use to teach students that having fun at someone else’s expense is not okay. This book also highlights the difference between “tattling” and reporting when someone is in trouble.

Kid Quotes about how to show kindness. Kindness is:

  • Treating people the way you want to be treated. (Alisa)
  • Using your manners – “Thank you” (Leon)
  • Using good words – “No thank you and Please” – (Rashella)
  • Playing Together (Arianna)
  • Appreciations (Beni)
  • No Put Downs (Owen)
  • Helping Others (Lukas)

Writing Unit: All-About Books –  We are very excited about writing All-About books. These books are informational texts all about one topic. Our first books were focused on an animal that we know all about.  We began by reading some all about books and noticed things that those authors did in their writing.  Then, we planned out our ideas using a web.  We thought about what our animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives, and what it does.  Then we started using our plan to write the pages of our books.

Here are pictures of a plan:

WP_20170405_001 (2)

Math – Word Problems

We have been exploring how to solve Word Problems in kindergarten. We use a Checklist to help us remember strategies to use when Making our Thinking VisibleWe use manipulatives or bead strings to help us count and practice adding and subtracting. 

WP_20170404_001 (2)

Spring is Here – Students in K001 worked on creating beautiful stained glass art using tissue paper. Our classroom windows are so bright and beautiful. Happy Spring!!



March Birthday Celebration – Alice, Jayden, Benjamin, Rashella, Mrs. Victoria and Mrs. Ferguson – Fun was had by all!!