PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Signs of Spring!

Last week, K002 went on a walking trip around our school looking for signs of spring. We talked about what things we might see before going outside.  While we walked, we looked closely at different trees and were able to see some tiny buds beginning to form.  We will go back out again after the break to see if we notice any other changes. 

We are very excited about our new writing unit: All-About Books! All-About books are informational texts all about one topic. Our first books are focused on an animal that we know all about.  We began by reading some all about books and noticed things that those authors did in their writing.  Then we planned out our ideas using a web.  We thought about what the animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives, and what it does.  Then we started using our plan to write the pages of our books. Here are some of our plans: 

FullSizeRender (4)

In class, we have continued to discuss what kindness looks like, sounds like and feels like in school. We re-read the book, Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig.  This a great book to use to teach students that having fun at someone else’s expense is not okay. This book also highlights the difference between “tattling” and reporting when someone is in trouble. Here are some of our ideas about how to show kindness:

  • “You can help a friend do something” – Aron
  • “You can push the door for the next person.” – Devin
  • “Helping to clean up.” – Michele  
  • “Say nice words. – Asalya
  • “Share toys.” – Hunter