PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101, Measuring & Poetry!

Hello Families!

Here are a few photos and an update for the week.


As we began our measurement unit this week, we read the book “The King’s Foot.” It’s about finding a standard unit to measure – so that when someone says it “3 feet” we know exactly how long that is. Ask your child about the book! (Remind them it was about making the queen a bed. Instructions went from the king, to the prime minister, to the head carpenter, to the apprentice… and yet, something went terribly wrong when the bed was finally built!)

Students spent this week measuring items in our classroom and using a standard “foot” length to record their measurements. Naturally, we literally chose a foot from someone in 101 to use as our class unit. The foot we chose… was Philip’s!!

Today, students in 101 were all over the hallway measuring the distance between two points. Instead of just using one “foot,” we now used foot strips (a group of 5 feet). Ask your child about what he/she measured. It was awesome!



Now that our nonfiction unit is over, we have officially launched our April POETRY unit! We read several poems by Shel Silverstein to get inspired, laughing, and motivated. Students wrote ANY kind of poem today, and many students were brave enough to put their poems “under the camera” and share with their classmates. They were hilarious!

When we return from the break, we will be learning about different forms of poetry and some of the “tools” that poets use when writing.

Over the break, read poems with your children and encourage them to write their own poetry… about the break, about their adventures, about their favorite food: whatever! JUST HAVE FUN!


Enjoy the break and I’ll see everyone when we get back!!