PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Identity and Diversity

Sixth graders have been working hard at variety of activities in ELA and in Social Studies.

In ELA, we have been reading the book Addie on the Inside by James Howe. The book, which is a part of The Misfits series, explores the issues of identity and diversity among a group of middle school friends. The story is told as a verse novel; and we have been investigating how the verse novel format develops a story differently than traditional prose.


Below:  Students discover the correct usage of homonyms, heteronyms, and homographs to help strengthen their spelling and writing.

hom, heter

homonyms, homographs, heternyms

Below: Students create tableaus to get inside a character.


In Social studies, we are researching the Ancient River Valley Civilizations through the lens of the Five Forever Factors (Geography, Politics, Economics, Social situations, and Science/Technology.) The research and understanding we gain in Humanities is being brought into Media Lit, where we are working to create digital representations of the civilizations we are learning about.