PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Field Trips and More!

Kindergartners were very excited to experience two field trips! We were lucky to have two beautiful spring days to be outside.

Our first trip focused on the spring season at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  We enjoyed walking around the garden and looking for signs of spring. We gazed at the beauty of the  cherry blossoms, explored little creatures near the pond and saw many blooming trees and plants.  We heard lots of birds chirping and even saw a nest! Click here to see some photos from our day!

On our second trip last week, we visited the Prospect Park Zoo!  At the zoo, we saw many different animals, some of which we had written about in our all about books.  We learned information about the different animals by reading the signs.  We even saw and learned about some different animal eggs and were able to see replicas of those eggs. It was exciting to walk about and see the free roaming peacocks.  Here are photos from our day at the zoo!

Our inquiry study into restaurants is underway. We have been learning all about the parts of a restaurant, parts of a menu, and jobs needed to run a restaurant.  We have even created our own restaurants and decided what they might look like and what items we would feature on our menus.  For the remainder of this month, we will be preparing for our culminating project for this study: The K-Cafe! Stayed tuned for more detailed information about the K-Cafe and how you can help!