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From Poet to Song: Words can make us free

Dear Families,

Last week we focussed on music during America’s history of protest, and how it empowered people to achieve freedom.  We listened to slave spirituals.  We heard music from Civil Rights era.  We learned about the struggle for women’s right to vote. We ended this inquiry in the 60’s anti-war protests.  You can take a look at my powerpoints and begin to have an extended dialogue around these moments in time with your child.  Are we born free?  Is freedom granted to us?  If so, how?  Is freedom taken away? If, so how?  Can song and poetry make us free?  How?

Here is the powerpoint for the slave spirituals and Civil Rights music.

Here is the powerpoint for Women’s Suffrage lessons.

Here is the powerpoint for the anti-war 60’s protests.




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