PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1 Reminders – 102

Hi Everyone,

I can’t wait to see you all at the gala this Saturday and celebrate who we are as a community! I also can’t wait to send a formal appreciation and token of thanks and gratitude, for the whimsical teacher appreciation gifts (which made me shed a few tears of joy), for Mr. Christian and me.
Visit blog in the coming days!

We really love your children, some days they are our favorite headaches, some days they are our favorite teachers, but ALL days spent together (building the close-knit community we have built) have been nurtured with intense love, hugs, freedom of expression, the joy of learning, questioning, risk-taking, and connection-making. We always remember friendships we foster, meaningful memories of experience we make and connections we build in life, not just in our childhood, but as grown-ups, too! Learning is similar to your children, limitless, and I hope you continue to nurture, encourage and challenge your children to work beyond their potential and praise them, not for being smart or gifted, but for working hard, figuring things out when it gets tricky or hard, for practicing patience, for being kind, for making wise choices, for speaking up and talking about things that matter: their feelings, their problems, their friendships, their learning strengths and goals, their aha moments, their favorite books and characters, their IDEAS! Ok, you get it…keep inspiring them, believing in them, challenging them. Your children are a reflection of you (and us) Thank you, for being involved parents who come together and really care about your child’s education, your child’s feelings and well-being, this means a lot to me. Thank you, for helping us build our rad community this year, you are appreciated and your children are a joy to teach! First-grade personalities rock!

Please note some friendly reminders: Monday, May 15 at 9 am all moms (or mom-substitutes) are invited for our Poetry and Tea Publishing Party (in honor of mother’s day) starting at 9:00 am. (It will last approximately 30-40 minutes, for those jetting off to work right after)

Wednesday, May 17 – Family Math Night starting at 4:30 pm, bring the whole clan! Come one, come all. I will be stationed in our classroom, so stop on by, but do check out all the stations – you can even get a cool math tattoo! Hope to see you there! #mathislife