PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

WEEK OF MAY 15, 2017

As the 8th grade starts its last unit of the Living Environments curriculum (Ecology), we are looking forward to beginning our review for the June 14th Regents exam. We still have some important labs to work on this week.

The 7th graders are getting ready to present their “Scientists Fair”, where they take on the role of the scientist they have chosen and will tell us all about them during Family Night. All parents and students from every grade are invited to come to Room 409 to hear their presentations and walk through our gallery. Please do attend!(701- 4:45- 5:20;   702- 5:45-6:20;   703- 6:45-7:20)

The 6th grade has just finished learning to work with all kinds of maps and we are now beginning our last unit on Earth Science – Earth’s History. (Prehistoric events)