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Grade 8 Humanities: Week of 6/12/2017 What Happens To A Dream Deferred?

A Raisin in the Sun Program Dramaworks

  Does it dry up
      like a raisin in the sun?
      Or fester like a sore—
      And then run?
      Does it stink like rotten meat?
      Or crust and sugar over—
      like a syrupy sweet?
      Maybe it just sags
      like a heavy load.
      Or does it explode?
    — Langston Hughes

Dear Families,

Langston Hughes’ question formed the basis of Lorraine Hansberry’s defining work, A Raisin in the Sun. And while there is no definitive answer to what happens when we put our dreams on hold, the exploration of the phenomena has yielded many possibilities.

The 1950s continues to have a mythological hold on our American psyche as a time of prosperity for all. And while the Younger Family does have relative prosperity to, say, The Rudkus Family from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, they continue to struggle against the forces of race and gender that deeply affect their ability as wage earners and dream-makers.

Each character in this play has a dream that must wait. But, what happens when you put off your dreams?








Countdown to Graduation: As of Tuesday, June 13th, we will have 7 class days until the big day!


Ms. Sacilotto


“That’s it. There you are. Man say to his woman: I got me a dream. His woman say: Eat your eggs. Man say: I got to take hold of this here world, baby! And a woman will say: Eat your eggs and go to work. Man say: I got to change my life, I’m choking to death, baby! And his woman say – Your eggs is getting cold!” — Walter, Act I