PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Important Dates

Hello Families,

Let’s start off with some reminders:

  • This week is “Spirit Week”     Here is the schedule:

Tuesday: Athletic Day

Wednesday: Mismatch Day

Thursday: Character Day

Friday: Twin Day

  • Thursday, June 15th  is our Birthday Celebration for May, June, July and August. The celebration will be from 130-230pm. If you plan on taking your child home with you at that point please remember to sign them out at the office or send in a dismissal change form.
  • Our End of Year celebration will be on June 27th. The time has not been determined yet. We will keep you posted.

In Writer’s workshop, we have completed our unit on ‘Reviews.’ Our students created two reviews, one was a book review on their favorite book and the other was a review of their choice (restaurant, toy, games etc.) We then began to talk about what “Peer Feedback” is. We were able to break apart the works and discover the definition. We talked about what that looks like in the classroom and how it can help us as writers. Here are a few pictures of what it looked like:


In Math, we are ending the year with another look at subtraction. We are reviewing the strategies in our “Subtraction Toolboxes”, and choosing the strategy that best fits the numbers in the problem. We will spend time this week going over each strategy, and practicing to ensure mastery. We are now working with numbers up to 1,000! If you would like to work on subtraction at home, ask your children about the strategies “keeping one number whole” and “using a landmark”.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about how our early leaders set up our government. We talked about the branches of government, and checks and balances that make our system unique. This week we are focusing on the American symbols that unite us as a country, and why they are significant. Students are working in partnerships to research a symbol and create a small project that highlights their symbol’s importance.

Have a great week !

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Anne