PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Celebrate Writing!

Dear Third Grade Families,

We have been busy, busy, busy finishing up our Animal Adaptation Essays and diving into the deep end of reading and writing poetry.  We’d love to share our hard work with you!

You are invited to a writing celebration next Friday morning, if your child is in 302. Please come, if you can, at 9:25 on Friday,  June 23.  301 will have the share during their end-of-the-year birthday celebration at 1:30. The main focus of the celebration will be our Animal Adaptation essays, but I’m hoping we can sneak some published poems into the festivities as well.

In reading, we have been noticing the surprising comparisons poets make when they use figurative language — how such language can say so much in just a few words.  We have also been noticing how we connect emotionally to poems.

In writing we have been trying out finding poems in different places. We looked for a poem by looking at the world through poets’ eyes, by first finding a rhythm and by becoming inspired by other poets.  Where does poetry hide for you?