PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101, Week of 6/12


Please remember, the Scholastic orders will be placed TONIGHT to ensure that our books arrive before the last day of school!


Happy Twin Day from 101!



Unit Overview: This unit utilizes the context of “David’s Donut Shop” as a situation for children to mathematize big ideas in place value. The context supports students in thinking about “boxes of ten” and “leftovers”. The intention is to allow students to grapple with the multiplicative nature of our base ten system. With 132 donuts, the question of “How many boxes of ten can be made?” and “How many left over?”, is in essence, asking children to think about how many tens fit into 132. This is a deeper understanding of place value than just reading off digits using a place value chart. Many students think of “Hundreds, tens, and ones” in a rote way, and may consider the number 132 to have just 3 tens, because 3 is in the tens place. The goal of this unit is for students to construct that the digits in a number are connected to groupings of ten.

This unit, David’s Donuts, has been well underway this week and last! Students are busy filling donut orders for David and Gus. Through this context, students are exploring subtraction strategies using friendly/landmark numbers, the open number line, pictures and equations.

Here is an example and how students *might* solve a problem…  Gus and David received an order for 26 chocolate donuts. There are 37 in the store. How many donuts will be left after the order has been placed?


Please feel free to make up questions like this for your child. You may continue to use donuts as the context, but any “order” or real-life context would work!!

REMEMBER: It’s not only about computation!! This is about showing their thinking and understanding what is happening when something is “taken away.”




Next week, if you’re able to visit us on Friday afternoon to see the Social Studies structures/city-scapes that students have been building with the help of the BEAM Center (your students might just know this as Lizzie), you will also be able to see/hear your child’s final published piece of the year: mentor author text.

Students have been creating characters, problems/solutions, and settings that are similar to the style of their favorite authors.

This week was all about brainstorming and creating ideas, next week is about publishing and editing!

I cannot believe that we have ONE full week left… let’s make it count!!!!