PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1, Class 101: Week of 6/19


Well, here we are! It’s the last FULL week of 1st grade… Here are a few reminders and notes about this week and next.

  • Later this week, students will be bringing home folders/notebooks and work. I am going to stagger what goes home each day – in order to alleviate really heavy book bags next week! I will need you to check your child’s bag everyday.
  • School library books need to be returned ASAP. Please check around the house – a few students have one or two books still checked out. *These are the books from the 3rd floor library. They have the library stickers on the bindings.*
  • Students will not be taking out new books (from our classroom library) this week. They are keeping whatever is in their bag now, and returning all 101 books by Friday.
  • Our 1st grade end of year party at Seth Low is still on Tuesday, June 27th. HOWEVER, it will now begin at 12:30. (I believe class parents will be reaching out with more information. It was decided that students would have a pizza lunch in the park.)



This week is all about finishing up our book clubs, reading independently, publishing our mentor author texts, finishing our Social Studies creations and helping Gus/David get their donut shop in order! I know they don’t want to, but they are still working.



Note: To ease any concerns about the AC… We are lucky that our classroom has been a comfortable temperature last week and today. (I know that there are some upper elementary classrooms having trouble staying cooler.)

-Some of our students even felt “cool” today! If your child wants to bring a sweater, they may – but it’s really not necessary.

-Even at 7.5 months pregnant (yikes!), I can vouch to being comfortable during the day!


Enjoy the week! Summer is coming!