PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

8th Grade Study Hall

This year, 8th graders will have one period of Study Hall per week.

Study Hall is a time for students individually to catch up on homework, study for tests and quizzes, or other academic work such as SHSAT practice, Regents Exam practice, and reading. Students will also pick-up math “Problem of the Week” questions from the Study Hall room, where they can be started when other assignments have been finished*.

8th grade teachers give ample time in Humanities, Math, and Science to complete partner work or group work that is assigned. Therefore, Study Hall is meant to give students a quiet space to complete other tasks individually.  In order to maintain an atmosphere most conducive to learning, students will be expected to follow the Norms pictured below while in Study Hall.


I am familiar with the academic work and tasks that students will be asked to complete in both Humanities and Math this year. Students are welcome to ask me for help at any time. Supplies such as index cards to make flash cards, markers, pens, paper and books are all available for student use during this period. Students will not be able to complete tasks requiring computers or other electronic devices, so any work that comes to the room must not be digital. In anticipation of this, students should plan to bring hard copy formats of their work if they expect to use Study Hall for that assignment.


Liza Sussman SETSS/8th Grade Advisor/Homeroom Teacher

*Algebra I students will be expected to complete a minimum of 4 ‘problem of the week’ questions before the end of the first grading period. (The minimum due at the end of the marking period may change in the second and 3rd marking periods.)