PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Rules, Rule!

Dear 4th Grade parents,

I am sending home today with your child a letter detailing their behavior for the first full week of school.  I believe in having clear and transparent communication.  Please go over with your child the expectations for how they conduct themselves in Humanities class. Please note that we wrote rules for hallway behavior as well as recess and lunch. Thank you in advance for reinforcing these expectations.

This week for HW  the students have a differentiated reading text from ReadWorks.  You should have recieved login information last week.  In Writing, because of the short week they only have to write one NB entry.

They may…

  • Write about a favorite hobby or sport that you like.
  • Write a memory playing a sport or doing a hobby that you like.
  • Choose another topic or memory.

(Please practice using all the senses to describe the event or thing.  Remember you can use similes.  Stretch one moment or thing to 100 words.)

We are beginning our first unit on New York’s geography.  Today I asked them to draw from memory a map of New York State. We have a lot to learn!!! Over the course of this study we will memorize where major cities are, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges. I will be handing out a map that they can study for the end of the unit quiz later this month.

This week’s word study focused on these spelling words.  We worked on understanding their meaning based on the roots.  We practiced breaking them apart by their roots, suffixes and prefixes.

  • unfriendly
  • hopeless
  • composer
  • richest
  • discovery
  • encouragement
  • musician
  • impossible

On Wednesday I will assess these words. Emphasis will be put on their roots, prefixes and suffixes and will be assessed accordingly.

Wishing you a day filled with curiosity,

Mrs. Stewart