PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Second Grade, Week of Sept. 19th

Dear Families,

Here is a look at our week:

In Writer’s Workshop, we are quickly launching into our first Personal Narrative writing piece. We began by making a list of significant moments in our lives. We looked closely at these special moments and chose one to become our seed idea. We will be taking the ‘seed idea’ and growing it just like a plant into a story. We are working on organizing our ideas before writing by using a timeline, a list, or illustrations. We will be working step by step to create our stories. Be on the lookout for some amazing work!


In Reader’s Workshop, we have been discussing all the things readers do that help them be successful. We recognize that talking with a partner often increases our reading comprehension. We began to focus on the important question: “What is worth talking about in a book?” Our classes came up with some interesting thoughts. Here is what they said:

IMG_1892  IMG_1896

We have also been discussing what it looks like and sounds like to talk in a partnership. Whether it be in reading, writing, math or social studies we have certain norms that we follow. Here is an example of what partner talk looks like in the classroom:


In Math Workshop, we have been working on different types of problems to assess the students’ thinking and strategies. Today we learned a new math game called “Close to 20”. This is a game that we will play often throughout the year, and which has many possibilities for differentiation, including a version called “Close to 100”. We have set up our norms for math congresses as a whole group and have been sharing our thinking with the class.

In Social Studies Workshop, we have been diving into maps! We have talked about many different kinds of maps and how they can help us. We have even learned a few new vocabulary words, such as map key, ocean, island, compass, and cardinal directions. We will be diving even deeper into maps next week as we begin to create our own!

Here are just a few housekeeping items:

  • There is NO school Thursday and Friday
  • Please do NOT send in snacks with nuts (any kind of nuts or nutella) There are students with allergies.
  • Please send in a clean white sock to use as an eraser for our Math Games.
  • We will be having a visit from the Urban Park Rangers on September 28th.
  • We will be sending home trip slips shortly for our first trip in October.
  • Scholastic will be submitted on the last day of the month. All orders are to be placed online.
  • Picture Day is October 10, 2017.
  • If anyone would like to donate games (educational) or craft supplies that they do not use anymore for Choice Time activities it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week!

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Anne