PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gotham….400 years ago

Dear Families,

Today we read an eyewitness account from a Dutch Explorer describing Manhattan island. Here is some of what we read today.  We stopped often to envision what it might have looked like.

We spoke about the change from an island teeming with life to one of filled with concrete.  Many agreed that we must protect our fragile ecosystem.  
  • Homework this week will be as usual, 2 writer’s NB entries as well as 2 reading responses.
The first reading response will be the ReadWorks article about, “Protecting the Wetlands.”  Please make sure that they are responding to the open ended questions in paragraph form.  I provided feedback from last week’s article directly on ReadWorks.
Make sure you review it before they complete this week’s article.  The second reading response should be completed in their reading response section of their Humanities notebook.  They were given today an example of a reading response that I typed up for them in their binder.
  • School Loop is up and running.  I will begin putting in HW assignments into it starting next week.
  • I handed back graded spelling tests this morning to the entire fourth grade.
  • Thank you for bringing in the binders today.  We set them up with tabs.  If your child did not have one please purchase one as soon as you can.  Tabs should be labelled, reading, writing, SS and quizzes.

All the best,